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The changing face of grinding

Rhii is going to tell us about how grinding is farming, or is it farming is grinding, depending on your perspective.

This promoted the thought about how much the grind has changed from Vanilla through to WoLK.

One thing that needs to be clearly stated is that WoW has always been, and will probably always will be a game whose foundations are farming grinding.

The quests, raids, PvP, roleplaying etc are just the icing on the cold boring concrete tasting foundation that is farming grinding. (more…)

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Why we must reclaim Gnomeregan



It’s not why you think!

  • It’s not to remove the dishonor of its occupation by filthy Troggs.
  • It’s not to save our poor leprous cousins.
  • It’s not to save the environment by stopping the seepage of radioactive wastes through the sewers of Azeroth.

The Goblins are not the only small race to be subjugated by oppressors! (more…)

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Solo class instances

Instance Portal

Everyone likes to solo an instance.

Some of us like to plough through a low level instance purely for the joy of decorating the floor with corpses, one-shotting Van Cleef or racing to the end of an instance in 10 minutes that used to take hours.

Others like the challenge of taking on an instance that requires more toons. Maybe a full party, maybe 3-4 toons. It’s the challenge that makes it worthwhile.

The reality of these runs is the only reward (apart from low level enchanting mats) is the joy of knowing you can do it… Not a small reward admittedly.

What if Blizzard introduced some instances that were intended to be completed solo? (more…)

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Scott No Mates

When I was growing up, the kid by himself in the playground was nicknamed “Scott”.

Because he’S got no mates.

Gnomeggedon’s new nickname is Scott.

I was the straw that broke the Friday night’s group back.

  • TreeHuggerDave had gone.
  • Our recently returned from 12 month hiatus Healadin has let his account lapse.
  • I accepted I wasn’t enjoying Friday nights as the Gnome with moderately big balls of fire.
  • Our Tankadin was experiencing similar feelings
  • And finally the glue in our group, Mr. Z!, that has kept us together through 4.5+ years of questing, grinding, instancing an raiding has decided it’s time to spread his wings too.

So Mates at War(Craft) are no more…


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Emblems of Everything fail me

The recent 3.2 changes to Emblems acquisition have been a boon for most players.

I think even those that opposed them on the basis of belittling their raiding gear achievement have relaxed, either appreciating their higher geared raid mates, or joining in on the emblem feast, gorging themselves to the fill with the gear or gems that they can buy.

ToC has had a similar effect, with the high iLevel items allowing toons to punch many times higher than their previous weight.

Of course there is the other side of the coin and I have read many a story of renewed and inflated inspection requirements.

No T8.5… Sorry you can run Heroic Nexus with us.

Likewise just hours after the doors of ToC opened, people were expected to be experienced.

Now I expect I am at the casual end of the casual crowd, but I am finding myself left far behind. (more…)

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Where are the boot camps

Training_DummyLarisa wrote about how bad the Training Dummies are for, well, for training.

To be honest I have always felt this. To me they were just Dr. Boom replacements, theory-crafting tools to allow questing players to complete their quests, while allowing theory crafters a range of new tools to hone their craft.

Sure they aren’t completely useless, but once you have read the forum or blog post with a rotation that’s already been theory-crafted, why bother?

The problem is, if you are trying to hone your skills for a specific boss encounter during the encounter one of two things happens:

  1. Best case you wipe and get to try and try again… different strategies, different rotations, different results?
  2. Worst case you one shot the boss and don’t really learn anything.

I’m sure your raid would prefer the one shot, but it isn’t doing much for your own personal skill development.

I suggested some techniques a while back to ensure you continued to use your skills while grinding, something that isn’t otherwise necessary, but what about encounter specific training?

So my question is, what are the alternatives?

I will present a few ideas here, but I am looking for your suggestions (more…)

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Do you play your main?

Of course you play your main…

Stupid question #327 from Gnomeaggedon.

OK, let me rephrase that question…

Do you play your original main?

I don’t.

My original main was a Tauren Hunter on a server far, far away.

However two of my mates do play their original mains.

Gnomes hot date

Skanky Mr. Z! (Do you think his thighs look big in this?)


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Your Toon’s Tombstome?


Here lies Gnomeaggedon.

Oneshot by Jong (repeatedly) and loving it!

There is that personal development/group bonding question that I can never find a real life answer for…

When the day comes for the undertaker to inscribe your headstone, what is it that you want inscribed that describes the way you lived your life or the achievements you have made? (more…)

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Hands up if you’ve ever been oneshot!

Come on, admit it…

I expect every reader’s (except Jong of course, he does the one-shotting in this game) hand should be in the air right now.

You, yes you! I don’t care if your boss is in the same room as you, put your hand up.

No! Not a half arsed hand at shoulder height acknowledgment, I want you to put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care!

Ok, next question…

Who likes being oneshot? (more…)

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