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Azeroth United

Azeroth United

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Whether you are a voyeur or a creator, there is a new community growing.

Azeroth United


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Arioch asked for it, so here it is…

Moar anger pl0x.

  • You kill things
  • I heal you.
  • I heal you
  • You kill more things
  • We win battleground
  • You leave me to die
  • You get no heals
  • We lose battleground


I have been pure DPS for so long that I hadn’t seen the options screen on a healing mod until a couple of weeks ago.

One of the 1st things that caught my eye was the Blacklist option.

If you want heals you don’t want to be on my black list.

Want to know how to stay off my black list?

Read on… (more…)

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Wipe Mitigation

An open letter to illiterate Tanks from a healer.

Dear Tank,

  • I realize some of you were at the back of the line when the gods were handing out Intellect.
  • I understand that some of you were bending over to tie your plate shoe laces (that can be hard, can’t it), and your brains got stuffed in the wrong end.
  • I know this letter will be wasted, after all, you are illiterate, but maybe one of your mates will read it out to you.

That all said, I’m sure you understand the term mitigation. You know, like damage mitigation and wipe mitigation.

The 1st one you can look after yourself. A bit of armor here, dodge there, throw in a bit of parry and maybe a bubble or two and you ate all good.

In fact you don’t really have to try that hard, blizzard gives you blue and purple shinnies with it, buttons to press and even stuff in your trees (No! Not the one you are cutting down, your talent trees!).

Wipe mitigation will take a little bit more thought on your part, but don’t worry, I’m hear to help (more…)

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Squidlys PvP Achievements

Tip 1: JUST DO IT!

Definitely do it if you are still on the leveling grind, you will be picking up enough XP to make it a worthwhile diversion to your questing and grinding and you get access to epics. Epics which apart from being purple will be guaranteed upgrades more often than not.

The boys at ForTheHorde! reminded me that I needed to get back into Pee Vee Pee and not worry about the Transient Twinks, so I have been getting in and getting dirty.

More Tips.

Tip 2: Go Resto, Go!

I mentioned how much I was enjoying Elemental in BGs, but that doesn’t stop me shopping around. I even asked the question over at Addicted to Heals shaman blog.

Last night the decision was made for me due to Alzheimer’s (more…)

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  • We all love to play WoW
  • We love to read about WoW (otherwise we wouldn’t be here)
  • Some of us like to write about WoW
  • Given the opportunity we all like to share our WoW experience to anyone that will listen.
  • Most of us believe that WoW and other online games have given us skills that are transferable to the real world.
  • All of us get annoyed at the negative perspective that follows online gaming, where a positive story about it a rarity.

There are a bunch of Academics that would love you to share your WoW experiences and have asked me to spread the word. There is an initial short survey which will probably only take up 10 minutes of your life, with the option of being involved in further activities including skill tests to compare your skill development over time. (more…)

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500 Posts, 3,000 comments, 10,158 spam

blog stats

Hegemon just made the 3,000th comment here at Armaggedon’s coming…

What’s more, me telling you this, makes this post (more…)

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Not So Fast

Selling houses, buying houses, flame striking Gnomes, totem dropping shamans, questing, grinding, instances and mates.

RL has been as messy as my WoW time and I am struggling to maintain a single thread of thought. I could just release the week of posts that were scheduled for last week… but that would require straight thinking.

House sold

Sold Mum’s house for more than expected. This is good because it will help to cover her debts which are more than expected.

House hunting

There’s enough left over for us to hunt down and frost nova a house. Our choices are a bit limited and more than one real estate agent has scoffed at our budget or turned up their nose at the thought of cheap arses buying through them.

Bidding on a couple of houses in the bush just outside of Melbourne… next to where the devastating fires burned through earlier this year… cant be thinking straight.

Easy heals

Squidly has run quite a few instances as Resto. Only wiped once when our tank got a little cocky in ZF with the scarab beetles, and I was on the other side of a wall… Actually we didn’t wipe, I just lost 3 party members, then the DPS Pally and I cleaned up the rest.

My damage might not be high in Resto, but my DPS is often higher than other party members.

Yeah I get a little naughty and throw put the more than odd chain lightning, generally it’s too easy (more…)

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LFGC: Looking For Good Calendar

Every used the in-game WoW Calendar?

Ever used the LFG interface?

They are great aren’t they?

Certainly better than back when there was nothing, even better than early implementations of LFG, or when the only event calendar was on your guild website.

As an owner of an iPhone, I just love that I can view and accept calendar events.

Soon LFG will be Battlegroup wide, expanding our PuG options x 19 (well mine on Bloodlust anyway)

It couldn’t be any better, any easier, could it?

Could it? (more…)

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Soul Shards are people too!

  • Our characters are people… We get names.
  • Hunter’s Pets aren’t people, but they get names.
  • Warlock Pets aren’t people, but they get names.
  • NPCs aren’t really people, but they get names.
  • Soul Shards are little bits of people… But they DON’T get names.

How do you Locks tell the difference between your prized trophy shards and your ground reagent shards? (more…)

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Raid Leading is like bringing up kids

Ages ago I wrote about how playing WoW was like bringing up kids.

This was from a class perspective and at the time I promised more.

Well here it is, from a Raid and Guild Leader perspective.


You’ve been waiting 10 minutes for your group to all be ready, that’s when you notice they are missing buffs.

Hair isn’t brushed, shoes aren’t polished, shirts hanging out. Another 10 minutes are required to get the group ready.


You level your cooking skill to max. You an make them any meal they want, and do.

You announce through raid warning (yelling at the top of your lungs), whisper (cell phone), guild forums (facebook), every way possible. (more…)

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