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Glyph of the Gnome

I’m not sure how many Glyph posts I have started and abandoned.

It’s not that I am unhappy with the Major Glyphs, although I am sure we all have ideas on how they can be improved.

My problem tends to be with the Minor Glyphs.

I can’t find 3 I want as either Mage or Shaman.

So here’s my proposal to Blizzard.

Glyph of the Gnome.

I aint Gnome Angel


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WSG 2/0 … What?!?

Things you don’t want to hear when you are 2/0 in WSG

Daddy, I need to do a poo!

I had waited 1.45 hours past the announced up time for our realm.

Extended maintenance was announced for a pile of realms, but nothing mentioned about the Oceanic realms – none of which were available – the Oceanic tab wasn’t even visible.

The most commonly asked question in the downtime forum

When are the Oceanic servers coming up?

Not a peep from Blizzard… Bad form Blizzard!


Finally the server comes up and I sign up for the daily BG – WSG (more…)

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15 npc heres to the allianec

Madness I tell you, MADNESS!

12 Not in My House

Squidly is power-leveling.

0.6 Not so fast

  • Not using questing guides.
  • Not chain running instances.
  • Not rounding up the mobs and AoEing them down.

0.7 WSG Perfection

No I am power leveling through PvP!

20% of a level for one AV!

Hell yeah!

10 everything counts

Throw in a daily BG quest, the AV quests and the AB quest and it is just too easy. (more…)

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Azeroth United

Azeroth United

  • Like WoW?
  • Like WoW Blogs
  • Like WoW Podcasts
  • Like WoW Resource sites
  • Like WoW Machinma
  • Like WoW Progressive guilds

Do you not just like them, but are a part of them?

Whether you are a voyeur or a creator, there is a new community growing.

Azeroth United


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Arioch asked for it, so here it is…

Moar anger pl0x.

  • You kill things
  • I heal you.
  • I heal you
  • You kill more things
  • We win battleground
  • You leave me to die
  • You get no heals
  • We lose battleground


I have been pure DPS for so long that I hadn’t seen the options screen on a healing mod until a couple of weeks ago.

One of the 1st things that caught my eye was the Blacklist option.

If you want heals you don’t want to be on my black list.

Want to know how to stay off my black list?

Read on… (more…)

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Wipe Mitigation

An open letter to illiterate Tanks from a healer.

Dear Tank,

  • I realize some of you were at the back of the line when the gods were handing out Intellect.
  • I understand that some of you were bending over to tie your plate shoe laces (that can be hard, can’t it), and your brains got stuffed in the wrong end.
  • I know this letter will be wasted, after all, you are illiterate, but maybe one of your mates will read it out to you.

That all said, I’m sure you understand the term mitigation. You know, like damage mitigation and wipe mitigation.

The 1st one you can look after yourself. A bit of armor here, dodge there, throw in a bit of parry and maybe a bubble or two and you ate all good.

In fact you don’t really have to try that hard, blizzard gives you blue and purple shinnies with it, buttons to press and even stuff in your trees (No! Not the one you are cutting down, your talent trees!).

Wipe mitigation will take a little bit more thought on your part, but don’t worry, I’m hear to help (more…)

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Squidlys PvP Achievements

Tip 1: JUST DO IT!

Definitely do it if you are still on the leveling grind, you will be picking up enough XP to make it a worthwhile diversion to your questing and grinding and you get access to epics. Epics which apart from being purple will be guaranteed upgrades more often than not.

The boys at ForTheHorde! reminded me that I needed to get back into Pee Vee Pee and not worry about the Transient Twinks, so I have been getting in and getting dirty.

More Tips.

Tip 2: Go Resto, Go!

I mentioned how much I was enjoying Elemental in BGs, but that doesn’t stop me shopping around. I even asked the question over at Addicted to Heals shaman blog.

Last night the decision was made for me due to Alzheimer’s (more…)

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