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If you have ever been out of the game for any period of time you were most likely pulled up pretty short when you logged back in again.

More likely than not you fired up the PC and WoW on a whim with the desire to have 10 minutes in game to see if the spark was still there (or had returned).

Of course, rather than getting right into it, you had to sit through the patch downloads.  If you were smart, you would have started the download just before you head to bed, but if you didn’t, you probably found yourself checking back in every 10 minutes to see that things had only progressed by 1%… then the installation starts… (more…)

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The last installment in the Ask da Nome a Kwestion or 20 Bhlogdey Kwestions special involves some heavy duty questions from the heavy duty Gnome Fire Mage follower (and Fire Mage himself), Prelimar and the heavy duty Locktess with the Mostess, Syrana.

I will start of with Prelimar’s questions, then weave my way towards answering Syrana’s… assuming I have the energy… owwww, OK, I will find the energy….

Prelimar asks:

Q) I’m a recently-minted 80, and I need to start getting geared for endgame stuff. Where do you recommend I go, and what sort of pieces should I be looking for?

A) WoLK Gear for new level 80 Mages

There are a few schools of thought on gearing your freshly minted level 80 Mage. (more…)

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I’m thinking this blog needs a bit of discipline.

  • Someone to show wanton Gnomes like me the way things should be done.
  • Someone that knows how to get your PuGs in order.
  • Someone that will tell you what to do when you are facing down those bosses in Ulduar, VoA, the battlegrounds.
  • Someone that isn’t me!

Introducing Wonzy:



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The final category, but not the final post of, my blogday gifts was:

Mages/Gnomes suck/are the best because…

30 words or less, why are we the best/worst?

Mmmm why would we be the worst… Oh well, I am sure there are some smart Hordies out there with an opinion.

The answers are all pretty definitive… only one that suggests Gnomes aren’t the best… but Rip can be forgiven, especially now I know he is a closet Fire Mage (more…)

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It’s done Gnomeaggedon, and I think you’ll be satisfied with the results.

  • If you aren’t into streams of achievement screenshots, then you may not want to read any further.
  • If my post from yesterday about Achievement Envy rang some uncomfortable bells, likewise this isn’t the post for you.
  • If however you want to live vicariously through my many minor triumphs, then read on.

It all started on Thursday, yes some of my playtime envy has been sated, I have had some bonus time online (more…)

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