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If you’ve ever stepped into an instance or raid, made an attempt on a boss, died, released and tried to renter the instance or the bosses room whole the battle still rages, you will know what I am talking about.

Quick note: do not release! Never release until the last party member is dead AND the call is made to release and run.

If you release you most likely won’t be allowed into the instance or the bosses room. If you aren’t in the instance (even as a corpse) when the boss goes down, you just lost all loot, emblems and credit for the kill.

If you can’t get in, you may as well watch and cry. Better yet, watch and learn as I did while watching a Heigan fail… I learned, danced and got the achievement next time around.

If you release before the call is made you may cost your party/raid 10 minutes while they wait for you if there is a rezzer safe and ready to go.

Mmmm so much for a quick note…

Anyway, back on topic… (more…)

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I (we, my wife and I) must be doing something right. Not just an offer to help with the daily chores, but a polite one. I guess I should appreciate it while it lasts… I dare say as he gets older both the offer of assistance and the politeness will dry up.

One week shy of 3 years old, and my little one is shaping up just fine.

  • He helps with the dishes
  • He wants to cook… One of his favorite things is rolling out the roti.
  • He’s toilet trained, past the bribery stage, and wants to do it all himself.
  • He not just wants to go to bed, but virtually insists on doing it all himself… Even wants to “read” the book to himself.

What more can a proud Dad ask for (more…)

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There is an unwritten rule of Mage v. Lock relations.

Hate the other publicly, envy them privately.

OK, maybe not so unwritten.

OK, maybe it’s written nearly everywhere on every Mage and Lock blog, forum, guild website plus many more.

Well, the hate bit anyway, I guess I can’t really speak for other Mages, but I don’t hate Locks.

Fear them a little yes, but hate them… Not even a little.

Of course the days of the Burning Crusade are long gone (more…)

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I’m not the L2P kind of Gnome.

Neither am I the “here’s 10g see me in the morning” kind of Gnome.

I’m the “let me teach you tadpole” kind of Gnome… Generally…


I rolled a Gnome Dwarf Night Elf Human Draenei Shaman. I was inspired by Larisa‘s baby Druid and Ydraisa’s comment about leveling in innocence.

Ultimately I want a healer, but don’t want another Pally, Druid or Priest. So I rolled a Shaman. I tried every Alliance race combination, knowing full well there was no choice in the matter. I tried them twice, three times, then accepted my only “option” was Draenei (more…)

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I was chatting with Jong the other day… Yes, I have a golden bat phone that must be handled with asbestos gloves so I’m not burnt by his radiant awesomeness.. and somehow we got onto the subject of our (Australian) barbarian rugby players.

Something about how awesome us Aussies were, and how he was prepared to wipe half dozen times in his 1st encounter before he ripped his shirt off.

Ohh no that’s right, I referred to Australia as Oz and he wondered if folk from Oz referred to Oz as Oz.

My response was:

Yeah Aussies are inherently lazy and Oz is one less character that Aus, yet sounds the same.

He was surprised he hear we Aussies are (can be) lazy as his image of us is our barbarian rugby players (more…)

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I don’t know if they are as common in your part of the world as they are here in Australia, but we have this phenomena called comeback tours. Some bands specifically have last shows and break up purely to have comeback tours.

There is one guy, John Farnham, that is the master of this art. Even though 80% of Australians say “thank god and good riddance” everytime he has a farewell tour, he’s back a year or two later.

That said, there are some comebacks I crave. Sex Pistols was one such tour, and if I didn’t get so drunk and fall asleep, I might have enjoyed the failfest it was.

There is one (ok two) blogger comeback tours I would love to see… She of too little mana, Megan (more…)

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Opinion is a quick column for when I’ve been getting my think on.


Capping the length of a Warsong Gulch match at 20 minutes in Patch 3.2 will not solve the inherent problems that cause turtling, it will only prevent matches of nightmare length. We need better fixes.

  1. Add a lengthy delay to flag respawns.
  2. Hasten the flag carrier debuff.
  3. Create a mortal strike power up.

A good instance of Warsong Gulch provides more fun than any other battleground, more opportunities for small scale combat, and a greater sense of player efficacy. The down side is that two flag carriers supported by three healers each may never die, ever. BORING, but it can be fixed. Read on. (more…)

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What’s better…

  • 10 Regulars tackling Naxx?
  • 8 Regulars + 2 PuGs tackling Naxx?
  • 8 Regulars only tackling Naxx?

Crazy Thinking

I had this crazy idea mid-last-week, why lose 1/2 hour to 1 hour LF2M Normal Naxx, when the 8 of us could just give it a go by ourselves. Let’s face it, more often than not, 2 people go down in the 1st 15 seconds of any fight, so what’s going to be the difference…

Hey, there’s even an achievement for it, The Dedicated Few. (more…)

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The 7 heavens and 7 hells of WoW

For many players WoW is Heaven, for many it is Hell.

For most of us, I think it is a balance (maybe the only balanced part of the game), 7 heavens and 7 hells.

Seven Heavens

Ease of play

Whether you’re a hardcore player or newbie, the interface is easy to use. Sure there will be a few stumbles at 1st, but soon enough you can focus on the world while your fingers do the work.

It wasn’t always this way. There is a reason there are so many UI mods. These days it’s for convenience, back in Vanilla it was for playability (more…)

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Rather it’s an apology to those of you that have stumbled across my blog via a google search on 3.2 patch notes and been excited about the Mages to get healing tree, PvE Frost spec, PvP Fire Spec plus more in 3.2 patch notes post.

There have been a lot of you, 3,326 so far, well as I write this post, there will be more before the post is published.

This isn’t just an apology though, it’s also a thank you..

You see, you could have been nasty about it, you could have trolled the post and cursed me for wasting your time, but you haven’t.

Even more amazingly some of you have put the link on your guild forums… like this lot.. (more…)

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