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So the bastard sons and daughters will be acknowledged by their father in patch 3.2.

Now of course for many years now many players have considered twinkers bastards, especially when they enter battlegrounds with their stock standard toons for a bit of fun to break up the leveling grind.

I had a quick look through the patch notes this morning and noted that coming in patch 3.2 is the ability to stop earning XP.

This is awesome news on a whole lot of different levels, so let’s cover some of them (more…)

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I may be vain, but…


I may be vain, but I think I rock!

Especially when I’m the last Gnome standing…

To be honest, it’s not the way I normally think of myself. I tend to focus more on the things I do wrong, rather than remembering the things I get right.

But I had one of those nights the other night that highlighted the things I got right, the biggest of them being staying alive… Most of the time… (more…)

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PvP combat modes I would like to see

I have an itch to expand our Battleground options.  I think battlegrounds are best, both for size and availability to the average gamer.  Here’s what would be required, and the way I would love them to play out.



  • A minimum of two new battlegrounds
  • A new level of flight training
  • New battleground specific mounts/vehicles
  • NPC targets

Aerial combat


This idea spawned from the joy I get from flying into the Caverns of Time and my desire to race my carpet in there… Which really has nothing to do with combat, but I think CoT would make a great battleground.

The basic premise is Horde v. Alliance mounted aerial combat. There are a couple of phases to it though.. (more…)

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I have been a little tardy in spreading the word on this one, but I see that other Mage blogs have been doing their bit, and WoW.com gave it a plug the other day, so I didn’t feel I was failing the Mage community.

However, on the off chance that you only read one Mage blog, and that’s this one, let me tell you about it… (more…)

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20 minutes of Naxx

Well, the 1st 20 minutes at least, but let me come back to that.

I was accused during the week of being vain! Can you believe that!

  • Sure I like myself, a lot…
  • Sure I am a handsome Gnome, very…
  • Sure I like to take screenshots, of myself, from all sorts of angles…
  • Sure I like to run down my teammates (or kill them, whichever makes the better story), to make myself look better…

But vain?

Ok, maybe a little.

Squishing Spiders

Ok, where was I? (more…)

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A couple of posts pulled

If you have been reading my blog in the last week, you will know that I have been pretty upset about a website using my content without my express permission.

I just received an email from one of the people responsible, and he is deeply sorry for what has occurred.

It really is a case of when a nice person makes a mistake.

So, just for the record:

  • I have pulled the posts voluntarily
  • If you did happen to get any of the details of people involved, please don’t take it any further, especially those of you that have already been in touch with the administrators… leave it be.

The people involved are truly sorry, and I do wish them all the best!

Gnomer and Out!

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Fishing Sucks!

Don’t tell Zupa, but I think fishing sucks.

It sucks in real life!

It sucks in WoW!

It probably doesn’t help that I a neither a good fisherman in real life or WoW.

Likewise, I tend to run about like, well like a little hyperactive Gnome, in real life and WoW.

The one fish I remember catching in Real Life was from the once majestic (before white settlement) Murray River.. it was a carp.

I was so excited… my Dad and Uncles laughed while they killed it and threw the vermin back into the river to feed the native species.

Gone Fishing!

I had a little WoW time on Wednesday night, so I thought that I would try out the fishing dailies everyone is talking about (while I waited for something, anything, better to happen).  Turns out any Gnome and their dog can do them, so why not (more…)

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So while I was spitting and cursing yesterday morning about the scraping episode, I had a quick look at Twitter, and what do I see…

WoW_J: I just heard ‘run for your lives it’s gnomeaggedon’ on tv ?!

WoW_J, from World of Warcraft Junction (more…)

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Two sides to every instance?

Every now and then I provide myself with Gnomish Inspiration, or is that GnomInspiration…

Nearly always through a flippant comment, more often than not in reply to a comment on one of my own posts.

So I had an idea for a new instance, or rather new style of instance (more…)

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Why Daddy? Why?

Daddy, are you working?

Yes dear.

Why Daddy?

Because my Gnome needs new clothes.

Why daddy?

Because the big bad monsters put holes in them.

Why daddy?

Because they think Gnomes are nice to eat (more…)

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