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Noobaggedon of Nooberegan

Noobaggedon of Nooberegan

I am a noob, present tense.

I will be a noob, future tense.

I was a noob, past tense.

This post is about past tense, but I will not rule out present or future tense.

Thank you Luthvian for making me relive my embarrassing past, present & future…. some Birthday present!



I mentioned this a little while ago at ForTheHorde, Lactic Acid may not yet have recovered, so I am risking the death of a damn good blogger in repeating this, but…

My 1st toon was a Hunter. My 1st pet was the scruffy Alpha Worg. I love that dog, my wife in her one WoW related moment, named it and I still have it.

Anyway, we all know the bane of all parties in an instance is the Hunter’s pet, the problem was, what to do with it (more…)

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Oztraylian bloghers?


Australian (Oceanic) Blogger?

Are you an Australian (or even Kiwi), or Oceanic server WoW blogger?

I have decided to add a section in my blog roll just for us.

I know I have captured a few of you, but I am sure there are many more.

So if you meet the above criteria, drop me a line and I will add you.

Aman’Thul Player?

On a side note.. if you are a player on Aman’Thul (Alliance side), especially if you are a blogger to boot, drop me a line either via the ContactGnome link, or in-game… Love to hear from you, even if it’s just a passing Hi/Bye.

Once Were WoW Bloggers

I have also set up a Once Were WoW Bloggers category in my blog roll to cover old friends that no longer Blog about WoW, but reveal that it was the writer rather than the content that was important…  If you know of more, please recommend them!

Gnomer and out!
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Today the meaning of life, the universe, everything =



Yep, it’s my 42nd birthday, as much as I might to deny it, and as much as many people look surprised to discover I am that old. (but they say you are only as old as the woman you feel… So that’s only 29).

Funnily enough I don’t feel 42, even stranger is the fact that I think I have been 42 for the last 12 months. Every time someone has asked over the last 12 months I have either said “nearly 42″ or just straight out “42”, I don’t know why…

Odin commissioned (from Mum) a crayon picture of him in blue shoes and gloves with Dad in red shoes, as well as Mum… Cooking. I think the 2nd is a worry. Maybe it’s time I learnt to cook something other than bacon. (more…)

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Flamestrike spam


Ran a Heroic VH last night (couldn’t sleep, thought I’d do dailies but the call came out from a guild). It all went well, at least I beat the tank on the scoreboard, I even lived through all the fights. I think I understand the encounters well enough now.

Anyway, right at the end, while I was DEing the drops, my Magely Guildy tells me something I did know.

The dots on Flamestrike don’t stack (ok, I knew that bit, or at least assumed) (more…)

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Twinking your level 19 Warlock: 3.1 update

<< Part 6. Heirloom Items

OK, so really there is no update.
The Lock twinking guides have really taken a big back seat for me, and it is unlikley that I will be doing any updates in the near future.

Just so you aren’t left high & dry, here are a few useful links.

A couple from Hydra @ Almost Evil

And a couple from probably the best Twink writer (Drayner) and site around, TwinkInfo

A couple of related posts from WoWInsider:

On a final note, I did ask a while back if someone wanted to help update my guides… Know your Twinks? Want to write about it? The offer still stands as I wont be getting around to it for a while.


Gnomer and Out!
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Or the “weekend” that was.

Who’s that under those bushes?

I was caught out by Ragnarogue, sprung royally, four fingered hands hands in the chocolate achievement pot.

Yes, after swearing black, blue and green that I wouldn’t participate in NobleGarden.


After composing an “I won’t use Polymorph: Rabbit spell” macro, I snuck off Wednesday night and submitted my beautiful Gnomely body to the rabbit transformation and grovelled around under bushes hunting for eggs.


  • I blame it on Nib(uca) for introducing the Mage patch notes section to TNB (don’t worry, won’t be any Mage news this week…)
  • I blame it on Twitterfolk for talking about Cadbury chocolate eggs.
  • I blame it on my (non-WoW playing) mate from Sydney that drove to Melbourne to celebrate my birthday on my singular weekly WoW Friday night.
  • I blame it on my pathetic weak willed red haired blog writing avatar.


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Last Hours!!!

Children’s week starts today, so to be sure to bag your own Epic Loot without relying on RNGs or dealing with in-game screaming children, head on over to The Hunting Lodge and check out the Phat LOOT, place your bid on some of the items up for offer.

Let’s face it, the Childrens week title will leave you feeling very empty, if you haven’t also gained the achievement of kindhearted!

Gnomer and Out!

Come on folks.. you know that the $25 code is worth more than $35.99 when it’s for charity… not to mention the fact that you have the choice of making a Gnomeaggedon T-Shirt… I want to see $50 on that!  Remember it’s free shipping… don’t stop now! Go Bid Now!

If you are looking for a guide for the WoW in game event, then you might as well start with WoWWiki

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OK, so I was just ScrewingthePie from ForTheHorde! & Grab Your Sword, And Fight the Horde!, in a response to his comment, but now I have done it, I have to wonder…

Is this the time for a new blog header image?

Gnomer and Out! (more…)

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Positively Wonderful

This is one of those nasty chain letters that started over at Rick’s place with Positively Wonderful headed over to Larisa’s place with Positively Wonderful and will probably come to a screaming halt right here unless one of my runner up’s takes up the challenge, or my Positively Wonderful blogger changes her tune and returns to the blogsphere.


Link one blog that has had a positive influence on your life, blogging or game. Write what the positive effect was and hope it gets passed on.

The lovely Larisa had these awesome things to say about me

But expected or not, this needs to be said: Gnomeaggedon, you are by far the most persistent, loving, cheerful and caring supporter I have in the Blogosphere. From the first day you made your blog you gave the PPI a special “recommended link” spot. You constantly link to me whenever you can. In September you even wrote a special tribute post, highlighting some of my older posts, just to make sure that new readers didn’t miss them. You silly old gnome! I don’t really know what strange spell you’re under, but to be honest, if it wasn’t for all the love you’ve gave me during the passed year, I’m not sure I’d still be blogging.

And apart from that you’re running a wonderful blog of your own. You show me and everyone else that it’s perfectly doable to have tons of fun in the game even if real life and time restrictions prevent you from raiding. It’s all up us how we choose to see the game – as a boring grind or as a wonderful, sparkling adventure. You manage to find the adventure and a humoristic perspective in places where no one else bothered to look. Your blog sparkles more than any quest item in Azeroth.

You are Positively Wonderful!

I wish more people would say this to me… I really do, but I don’t know if I am deserving of it… still I was always told not to rebuff a compliment, so I am going to take it and add it to my list of blogging achievements (more…)

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