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Is wow work with prettier bosses?

I have noticed a lot of similarities between work and WoW. I guess it’s because it is a collection of individuals united to achieve the same goals. Maybe it’s just the cultural norm, so we readily accept the similarities.

Take overs
When guilds merge, there are often layoffs. While the concept is usually to strengthen and enlarge the roster, the end result is often overpopulation of certain classes and roles.

Jobs for the boys
Theoretically the best toon gets the spot, but we all know of stories where gets the gig over best choice.

You only need to raid A x B hours per week, but you are required officially and unofficially to play x more hours per week for gear, cash, consumables and appearances. Yes you need to be seen “at work” to catch your managers attention and approval.

Performance assessments
WWS or other tools are analyzed after each session to determine performance. Your performance may decide guild rank, raid spot and rewards. (more…)

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If you haven’t already gained this achievement it probably sounds difficult.

Slay, Slaughter, Kill, Butcher (you choose the word) 15 Turkeys in a short period of time.

He’ll, you may not have even seen 15 Turkeys in your time in Northrend.

Unless of course you have been questing in the Howling Fjords.


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Imagine if…

Imagine if…

Patch day was Friday

Then all the hotfixes would occur after/during the weekends raids, and the addon developers wouldn’t be able to catch up.
(Actually, back in the “good old days”, patches and downtime were often early morning U.S. time on a Friday. Unfortunately this was prime Oceanic raiding/instancing time. Thank god for Tuesday maintenance).

They nerfed toons to increase difficulty
Why make the bosses harder when they could just reduce your power by one level each patch.
Would Naxx 25 be hard enough with Deadmines powered toons?


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World’s deadliest creatures: Gnomes

Kestrel from Kestrals Aerie (WTB Gnome Priest!) and subsequently Arrens, Pixeled ExecutionerAwlbiste, Jezriyah, Medros, outdps, Willel, Greyseer, Holydiscipline, & Stoppableforce got me thinking about this on Twitter the other day.

Oztrlya Gnoo

Here at Oztrlya Gnoo we house some of the world’s most deadly creatures.

We’ve got Taipans, Salty Crocolisks, box jellyfish, but our latest attraction will astound you.



Gnomes you say, but I thought they were cute and cuddly?

About as cute and cuddly as a Koala on heat (which is vicious btw, you are only more likely to get taken out by the infamous Drop Bear). (more…)

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Sick and Tired of the Blog Scrapers

I know I have read something similar recently in the WoW Blogs, net bots swoop in and scrape our blog content, throwing it up on their sites as:

Unknown wrote this interesting article….

I would feel slightly (only slightly mind you) if the sites were WoW related, but the majority of them are completely off track in scraping Armaggedon’s Coming.

  • Pet sites
  • Wrestling Sites
  • Humor Sites (OK, maybe that’s legitimate ;-))
  • the list goes on…

I even feel slightly guilty… (more…)

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