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Class Battle

A serious all out battle.

Every now and then this thought crosses my mind.

If there was a battle between two different classes, who would come out on top.

I don’t mean Arena 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5. I am thinking more along the lines of 40v40, 100v100 or 1,000v1,000.

A serious all out battle.

Let’s end the forum QQ with a deciding fight… winner takes all, looser QQ’s till the end of time. (more…)

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Missed by that much…

I was really hoping to do some fishing in Orgrimmar tonight.

I was Twittering to RuneTap and Anea this morning about how it’s the only way I can fish… it’s too boring, so I am trying to turn it into an extreme sport.

I log in to WoW and I am greeted by all my characters “Pick Me!, Pick Me!”.

But I’m a Gnome on a mission, so I select Gnomeaggedon and log in.

Loading…. Loading… Loading…


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I noticed some yellow [FredDagg has achieved x Achievement] this morning.

Normally I wouldn’t pay any attention to it… I mean I am so busy watching my achievements scroll by, I don’t have time to “Gratz” anyone else… but this one caught my eye…


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This is just a random outflow of things from the last week

Turtle Mount

I was doing the Kalu’ak matchmaking daily on Friday night, when I had to stop and laugh at how silly the big seals look on their turtle mounts.


Next thought was how much more sensible a Gnome polymorph: turtle wielding Mage would look on the back of a turtle.

Then, on Sunday I see this at El’s Extreme Anglin’ and WoWInsider. I must think more positive thoughts, my dreams have been coming so true lately.


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Meme Wanted, Apply Within

Blah Blah tagged me in blah blah meme and …

Hang on.. I care… maybe a little too much.

One of my favorite readers, commenters and twitterers tagged me.

I knew I was tagged the moment Syrana mentioned in Twitter that she has just posted a new Meme tag… I didn’t need to look, maybe I shouldn’t have looked… but I did look. (I also should have known that Megan was behind this insidious meme)

Unfortunately (for you) I have a hard disk full of “Wanted” images, so I am going to just keep on dishing them out over the coming days…


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New WoW Storage Spaces (Redux)

New WoW Storage Spaces (Redux)

Larisa was reminding me on my place in the WoW blogging community (in a nice way) in a comment to my post a short one to Kriz (which wasn’t in anyway short…).
I in turn responded that I was a bit disappointed (yet not overly surprised) at the lack of comment on the blog at a time when 20% of my all time hits occurred in 2.5 days… Well apart from spam… I have been doing lots of bulk deletes.

So while checking my blog the other day I see another comment had come through. My 1st thought was I bet it’s going to be spam.. but I was pleasantly surprised… not only I was I enjoying reading the comment… but while I was reading it, another comment came in… just as I finish reading that… another one comes in.

  • All 3 comments from the same reader Quixota.
  • All 3 comments too good to leave hiding away in a post that is unlikely to get read again except by completionists and those spilling over from The Druid Team.

So, without further ado, here are Quixota’s comments (with a bit of very bad editing on my part to make them look more like a post), plus a couple of thoughts of my own… (more…)

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Claytons Post #10

Claytons Post #10

A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

There are 3 things I feel like highlighting today, so without further procrastination…

1) Twinkinfo.com

When the WoWInsider induced storm swept over my blog this week, the most noticeable thing was the absence of comments.

Well near absence…

The one comment that hit my blog, that was a truly valuable comment (directed here, at the guide) was from Drayner. (more…)

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