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WoW is like bringing up kids

Are you a WoW playing parent? Have you ever considered how transferable skills and terms from WoW are to parenthood?

Are you childless, but considering (or expecting) a family real soon?

I was chatting with Arrens this morning on Twitter, and it occurs to me how many of the concepts are transferable.

Maybe this little guide will help you better understand what is really happening in RL via the WoW analogy.


CC commonly mistaken for Crowd Control, is really meant to be Child Control.  It’s it funny how once something is abbreviated we loose the true meaning.  Remember that next time you CC a Gnome… that Gnome is probably shorter than your own broodling.

Feign Death

Apparently working as intended because patch after patch there is no update, but it is really borked. In theory it’s an instant aggro dump, but anyone with a child knows that it has the opposite effect. Play dead and you will have a toddler jumping all over you for hours. They must have found some targeting mod on “Curse you Parents” site.


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