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A TV guide with a  sense of humor?

What’s next?

Obviously this is completely unrelated to WoW, but my Wife and I have been getting a chuckle out of it, so I thought I would share the silliness.

Our local glossy newspaper, come Real-Estate advertisement (Northern Weekly, Fairfax Community network), also has a TV guide.

Here are some of the gems from this weeks guide.

Two and a Half Men: Smooth as a Ken Doll
Barbie convinces her husband Ken to let her use candle wax during an unconventional depilatory session. (more…)

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Joining the Dots (take 2)

Joining the Dots: my love for ? and !

Larisa wrote a fantastic post (as usual) the other day about those ? and ! and how they have shrunk her world, and playing experience.

After reading through it, I found I didn’t agree, I said as much in her comments, but felt I needed to reveal the truth to you all.

You see, those poor ? and ! are sitting targets, easy to see and easy to blame for not experiencing the whole World of Warcraft Experience.  In fact, if anything I have found recently that they are the opposite, not restrictors, rather keys to open the doors of Warcraft.

How can this be? (more…)

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Loved by Gnomes

Well, I can finally get back to the grind to 80!

Since the Achievements went in (well before actually, but I just needed a motivator), I have wanted to be loved by Gnomes World wide.  But the Gnomes are a difficult bunch to please.

  • Dwarves… easy, way too easy considering their dour demeanor.
  • Draenei (The Exiled Ones – Oi!, get your hands of that title.. that’s the Gnomes!) .. Easy, I guess because they were so late on the scene they are happy to have any friends at all.
  • Night Elves… they throw their reputation to the wind… seems they are like Druids in general and like it when you go killing (diseased) trees… and reward for it!
  • Humans… Pretty easy too, but I must admit I left them hanging on.
  • But Gnomes… geeez, Exiles alright! Spread across the world in some of the remotest of places, refusing to be anyone’s friend easily!

But… but… but… I finally won them over.



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Tagged in a Blog Challenge

Looks like Maiara needed a bit of help being raised from blog death, so she has called upon me and several other bloggers to join hands and invoke the Warcraft Screenshots Folder Gods, to drag her back from limbo.

I have no problem with this, and see I am in good company (especially when it comes to the quality of screen shots, and a sense of fun).

However I do have a problem with the requirements of the challenge.

1. Go into your image folder

Well, not this part… I have heaps of images…

2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.

This is where it falls apart.  Funnily enough, the first thought I had was:

How does she expect me to find the 6th folder… I am a Gnome, with only 4 fingers!

Then I opened my screenshot folder, and sure enough, I didn’t have 6 folders… I only had 3, so I was saved from using my other hand.

I did have 6+ images in the folder though, so freeing up both hands, I counted to six… and what image should I find… (more…)

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Joining the Dots

This was meant to be an awesome post… still will be when I rewrite it.

Note to self (and anyone else that blogs on iPhone using WordPress software):

Save often…earlier rather than later…

I was 99% of the way through a post when my wife rang…

WordPress software said it had recovered the post… and I could see all the text, but when saved, I was back to nothing.

Oh well, stay tuned for Joining the Dots part 2.

Ohhh and I have found the perfect, and I mean perfect screen shot for my challenge…

Gnomer and Out!

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I Pity the Love Fool


I give up, well I gave up anyway.

Love is in the air was my breaking point, but I have felt similar levels of frustration with other events.


I pity the no-love fool

Events such as this can only be completed and the final achievement gained if you:

  • Are desperate and Dateless
  • Are married in-game
  • You can drop by the PC at the very least every hour on the hour (which ignores the additional 20 minutes each hour required to hit up NPCs)

If you are married in real life (or the equivalent), you are screwed. While in RL this may be a good thing, in-WoW, this is a bad thing.


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There once was a gnome…


There once was a Mage from Gnomeregan,
Who grew his green beard so very long.
Insanely in love with fire,
He knew he could never retire.
So into your raid please take him along!

Gnomer and Out!

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