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I asked for it, and apparently I am such an important figure in the WoW blogging community (yeah right!!) that less than a month after having a whinge Blizzard have introduced REAL Instance Maps (well OK, announced would be a better word).

New World Maps Added to Raids and Dungeons in Patch 3.1

I have been hunting for confirmation of this, so thanks Spooner for once again being my source of cool and groovy WoW news.

Gnomer and Out! (more…)

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Don’t Panic He says…

Don’t Panic, He says …

…  well, He said …

… I think the time has come to panic …

The recent news that two of the WoW Blogging community’s favorite bloggers (Gun Loving Dwarf Chick and Resto 4 Life) are hanging up their blogging boots, reminded me that I am missing one of my favorite Mage bloggers.

Just as the Mage battle was heating up last year, he Iceblocked and disappeared!

Gone… without a trace…

Then, out of the blue, comes this cryptic message: (more…)

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It’s a matter of perspective


Are you a 1st person player, or do you need to step back and impartially observe in 3rd person?

I know there are times and places for both views, but just recently while running my AH mule around in 1st person I have been gaining a new respect for perspective. (more…)

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