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When do you…

I made a comment to Larisa’s comment on my post that made me think about when I use certain abilities and cooldowns.

I thought I would share some and I am interested in yours. I know that circumstances and environment (raid, grinding, PvP) influence when and how you might use these skills, so I am interested in different uses and perspectives.

Speak up!


Enemy territory
You can use your Invisibility at 1 or 2 moments.

  1. In the initial rush to get past the front guards, or
  2. Once you are past the guards to elude “capture” (Why don’t they take prisoners?)

The advantage of 1 is that if you have enough Invisibility juice you can get in unnoticed, and maybe find a place to wait out your cooldown.

However I would recommend the 2nd one. (more…)

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