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Did I say I was weak willed?

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Yep, that’s me. A weak willed Gnome.

I swore I would not go out and buy WoLK immediately. I swore I wouldn’t play on the night of my return.

But, yes I played last night.
Yes I went out and bought the expansion and installed it today.

Will I venture to Northrend tonight?

Let’s just see how weak willed I am.

Now all I need is a new spec and a new interface that will let me enjoy the fiery doom I intend to bring with me on the ship from Stormwind.

Gnomer and Out!

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GoogledGnome #63


You mean the kind with big balls of fire, the living bomb of Gnome Fire Mage blogs?

I am the bomb!

Gnomer and Out!

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GoogledGnome #62

Red riding hood wolf big balls

I am not really sure you are looking for a WoW Mage blog with a search term like that!


  • I have big balls of fire.
  • I have taken the Wolf down during the red riding hood Opera encounter in Kara.

Basically tank wolf at one door, ranged at other.

When you get turned into little red riding hood, do as the big bad wolf suggests and…

Run away little girl

Gnomer and Out!

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GoogledGnome #61

Alterac valley in PvE.

Alterac Mountains is a PvE zone.
Alterac Valley is an instanced PvP battleground.

If you are in AV, you are doing PvP whether you like it or not, unless you leave the battleground.

But that said, there are a lot of quests in AV that gives it a more PvE feel than the other battlegrounds.

If you are interested in using AV as an introduction to PvP battlegrounds, I have written a guide based on the assumption that this is your first PvP experience.

Gnomer and Out!

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GoogledGnome #60: pkbh

GoogledGnome #60


What, someone searched for this?

That’s awesome!

pkbh is an invention of mine that refers to the Pre-Kara Black Hole, not as annoying as pcbh (Post Curator Black Hole), but still a night spoiler. (more…)

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OMW Home

Touchdown Singapore…

Singapore is Mechanar to India’s Wailing Caverns…

Back to Melbourne in a few days, then at some point purchase WoLK, download updates etc… should be back online by Mid Febuary…

Keep on WoLKing On!

Gnome and Out!

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GoogledGnome #59

Only eating toast

My wife hates it, I will eat anything for breakfast as long as it’s toast (ok I will eat cereal, pancakes, scones and roti as well, but that doesn’t make a good story does it?).

I mentioned eating toast and drinking coffee when responding to a meme on where I was during some life changing events. Read it if you are interested in some non-WoW natter.

Gnomer and Out!

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GoogledGnome #58

New Mage

Congratulations, you have made an excellent choice!

Looking for resources?
Mage Blogs
ElitistJerks (although really only for max level mages)
Official (US & EU) forums
Unofficial Forums

Go blast some mobs, and enjoy the ride!

Whoops, just realized the search was:

New Mage port spots

So apart from Dalaran in Wrath of the Lion King (as Tree Hugged Dave calls it), there is the “new” port spots of Theramore Isle for Alliance and Stonard For Horde.

For a complete list, check out WoWWiki

Gnomer and Out!

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GooglesGnome #57

My son plays on my account and wants his

If only I knew the rest of the question…

His own account?
Man that’s going to be expensive, but if I remember right (and I have never been in this position) you can transfer toons between accounts that are owned by the same person (or family name or credit card or something).

Hopefully that was the question and this is the answer.

Gnomer and Out!

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