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Dumbo and Gnomer


Gnomeaggedon and his Elephant friend
No Northrend

I got a new non-combat pet!

I was so excited that D.E.H.T.A. Gave me a mammoth cub of my very own, that I stopped for an extended photo session (luckily my son didn’t see it, or I would be spending all of my WOW time parading the elephant around). (more…)

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Bring on level 81

Let’s have Arch-classes, level 81 characters, one per class per server. Only one for both Horde and Alliance, it is faction independent.

Of course you get extra talents, spells and abilities – temporarily.

When you reach Arch level status, you get 1 day of grace, where you can’t be challenged for the position. After that, any level 80 character of the same class can challenge you for it.

The achievement screen will monitor this achievement in the same was that clubs record their past presidents. Arch-Class from 14/01/2009-16/01/2009, 20/01/2009-17/04/2009.

In my mind this is better than some 1st to 80 Arch-Druid or Arch-Mage achievement title. This is real, this is, I not only got to level cap, but I am the best of my class. (more…)

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Why Druids are redundant

People often say Mages are redundant.

Tree Hugger Dave has several drafts explaining why the “Deli” Class is no longer necessary.

Food - Any Gnome and their dog can now make a feast.
Water - As above, and why wouldn’t you get drunk to boot?
Dps - what DPS?  Hunter’s non-combat pets do more dps
Poly - Frogs anyone (I must admit I recently discovered I had been replaced as the CC of choice in favor of the Shaman.

I, on the otherhand, would like to suggest that Druids are redundant.

Read on! (more…)

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GoogledGnome #65


Gnome am I sorry you wasted your time here, well I assume your time was wasted.

What’s a totem of infliction?

Gnomer and Out!

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GoogledGnome #64

Timers towers Alterac Valley

It’s nice when someone calls out the time left to hold or retake towers isn’t it?

I must admit I went looking after someone printed them in chat one day.

I think I spent the following 3 AVs calling out tower times – I was useful!

Anyway there are a raft of them out there including Alar BG Helper, which has buttons for everything you could ever want in battlegrounds.

Go get it!

Gnomer and Out!

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Keep it, trash it, sell it?

So two months down the track in WoLK, I have just joined the game with bank and bags full of old world enchanting mats (and other misc rubbish).

So should I dump it all in a world economic crash style, or will the time come in the next couple of months where like linen and wool people are prepared to pay 4 times a sensible rate to power level their professions?

Ohhh and thanks dear readers for putting up with question posts for this 1st week… I do have some plans for something without questions, but it is nice to know that there are some many people out there prepared to help a slow Gnome!

Gnomer and Out!

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Comment Luv: a correction

While I was roaming the Indian desert I was tagged by the udderly mad Jagerbombz in one of those “remember when” type posts.

The nature of Jager’s post was the source of our first commenter.

I am embarrassed to say that the nature of my first comment was a correction.

I am happy to say that the source of the correction comment was a much beloved and read Gnome Mage blogger that once revelled in the joys of pyromancy and has recently seen the light and returned to the fold (however temporarily). (more…)

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Have I forgotten something?

I know, I know…

Hurry up and level!

But after sooooo long level capped, there is this little niggling voice in the back of my head saying:

“Stay away from 71″

The only thing I can think of is that once I hit 71 all the old BG’s are out of the question for a while.

Is there something else that I must do before I hit 71, or should I just sit back, put the peddle to the metal and just “level damn it!”?

Actually speaking of things I know I have forgotten… (more…)

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Interface from hell

I have the interface from hell.

Years of choosing and discarding mods until I have the functionality I desire have left my screen cluttered and confusing.

This is the real reason I play a Gnome, at least I can see a little bit of WoW real estate.

Back in the days when I toyed with complete interfaces they were fraught with hours of configuration and incompatible addons. By the time I would get it barely functioning a new WoW patch would come out and I was back to square one.

I know things have improved, but I have never found the time to research, download and configure one, for one character, let alone the half dozen I check up on from time to time.

So I am putting out the call to my readers. (more…)

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Pick a post, any post…

Help me out here folks.

It’s been 7+ weeks since I opened my feed reader, and it’s overflowing (2500+ posts).

So if you were to pick your favorite 1-3 posts (with an optional 1-2 of your own) of the last 2 months that you think I would enjoy or find informative, what would they be?

Gnomer and Out!

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