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GoogledGnome #67

Twink take boat from rachet

Run to the end of the pier, get on boat, end up in Booty Bay.

Simple, assuming you can get to Rachet!

Good luck!

Gnomer and Out!

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What moral value does WoW have?

It’s not a question I have an answer to, but I am hoping someone can enlighten me.


You see, when I was growing up my bed time was filled with damsels in distress, Grimm’s fairy tales and all sort of other stories, which may have been a little horrific, sometimes even gruesome, but there was a moral at the end of the story.

The heroes of the stories always did good, sure they might have made some errors of judgment, but at worst they were bad, never evil.

Now WoW has been to date a relatively “clean” game. Sure you hack things to death, but even the “darkside”, the Horde were (generally) moral. (more…)

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It’s hot here!


Flame Strike

We are in the middle of a heat wave. From what I read the Frost Mages are getting the short end of the stick.

Must be the case here in Melbourne, too much Fire, not enough Frost. (more…)

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Dragons and Mammoths

Aurdon dislikes the screaming dragon on the login screen, as he spends too much time listening to it roar while he is in the queue with nothing else to do.

I, on the other hand am developing a dislike for it due to my son’s fascination with the dragon.  Guess that’s what traveling will do for you, we must have seen too many dragons in Singapore. (more…)

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Claytons Post #9

Claytons Post #9

A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

It’s been ages since I did one of these posts, but then it’s been ages since I was able to browse through blogs.  So to start with, some recently discovered Mage blogs… just in case you missed them.

A Mage’s Guide To Life

Tales of a Mage
Can’t find a RSS feed, which is an issue, cause it’s a bit too colourful for me to be reading at work… but otherwise looks good.


Molten Fury: A crazy mage helps you burn big things.
Ahhh more fiery love!

Death To The Living: A Diary of Death, Destruction, /Dancing, And Alliteration.

Someone hit my blog from this, which is basically a list of blogs, the difference being that they look like they care going to the trouble to verify currency of blog posts.
Ultimate Blogroll

Twisted Nether Link sharing

Finally, I stumbled across this Twisted Nether Link sharing code… Basically an ad for your blog without the ads.  Nice to see non-java code there for us WordPress.com users.

Gnomer and Out!

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GoogledGnome #66

Twink juice 2


You mean the kind a Gnome oozes when they lie dead on the battlefield?

I hope so, because I hate to think of the alternative!

Gnomer and Out!

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Are you questing impaired?


Are you questing impaired?

This can take many forms:

  • Inability to read the quest text to identify objectives.
  • Inability to go in the right direction to find either the quest objective or the quest giver.
  • Inability to see the quest giver or objective even though it is right in front of you.
  • Inability to follow spoken directions by helpful players over vent.
  • Inability to research, or worst case find quest guides.
  • Inability to follow quest guides once found.
  • Inability to find a location even with a loc mod or even a quest helper that clearly marks the location on the map.
  • Inability to differentiate between one variety of a mob and another (eg: young & grisly)
  • Unfortunate ability to delete/ store in the bank/ send to alt/ vendor/auction required quest items.

If you relate to any of these, you may be quest impaired and should seek some professional advice. (more…)

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