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GoogledGnome #35

Gnome Mage green hair

  • Gnome – check
  • Mage – check
  • Green hair – check

Now I realize that people find their way here using armaggedon, but what was it this person remembered about my blog?

It’s a round about way of getting here, but congratulations, you have found:

Gnomeaggedon – a Gnome Mage with green hair.

Gnomer and Out!

This was another post in the continuing exploration of how people reach Armaggedons Coming via Google.  As usual, please feel free to comment or ignore

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GoogledGnome #34

Gnome goggles
Gnome goggles wow

  • You mean my posts?
  • You mean Engineering goggles?

My posts are all about addons, check them out here.

Engineering was given up a long time ago by Gnomeaggedon, so check out crafter’s tome.

Gnomer and Out!

This was another post in the continuing exploration of how people reach Armaggedons Coming via Google.  As usual, please feel free to comment or ignore

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GoogledGnome #33: Getting rid of honor items

Getting rid of items that cost honor

Why do you want to get rid of them?

  • Whatever, DE them… Can’t, man you should petition Blizzard!
  • Sell them to a vendor…  Ohh can’t do that either…
  • Stuff them in your bank?
  • Eat them?

Arrrghhh… just drag and drop them into space!

Gnomer and Out!

This was another post in the continuing exploration of how people reach Armaggedons Coming via Google.  As usual, please feel free to comment or ignore

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Merry WoLK and Happy New Gear

Merry WoLK and Happy New Gear

Deck the halls with peacebloom.

Enjoy your vats of dark rumsy ale.

I have landed in the hot horde filled lands of India and you have returned from your midnight releases with your Santa sack over your shoulder containing a pretty new toy.

I just want to wish you all the best for your questing, grinding, crafting and raiding.

May Northrend bring you everything that one could wish from this festive season, including peace on Azeroth. (more…)

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1337+1 Spam catcher

Well I wanted to see my blog notch up 1337 spam, but I must have blinked.

Never-the-less, I am now on the WoWArmory of Spam Filtering, with 1338 spam caught.


Yes, Yes.. I am meant to be running for a plane… so I will get out of Tree Hugger Dave’s way.. assuming he remembers to post his draft…

Farewell, have fun!

Gnomer and Out!

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Leaving on a fast bird…

Well folks the time has come for me to mount off and ride into the sunshine.

I’m leaving today on one of those Gnomish mass transportation contraptions which have reputation for falling out of the sky like all Gnomish inventions.

While there I will be maintaining the mystic arts

Clearing Temples

and a few ruins

Conquering a few Mountains


Taking the boat from one zone to another

Gathering a few herbs

Fighting off the mobs

Learning new Polymorph spells

and doing a little /dance

May the Gods be with you in my absence!

Hope you all have a great festive season and Gnometastic New Year.

I will see you on my return… but until then, be sure to delete my scheduled GoogledGnome spam, and be kind to the Guardian of Gnome’s Grove.

Gnomer and Out!

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Why can’t we all just get along?

Why can’t we all just get along?

A couple of mates were discussing whether Blizz would every allow Horde and Alliance to group together.

Me being all powerful and knowledgeable stated for a fact it would never happen.

My mate pointed out that according to Warcraft RTS lore, Horde and Alliance have banded together.

So what do you think, will Horde and Alliance stand side by side at some pint in the future?

Gnomer and Out!

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Invisibility… 5… 4… 3…. 2… 1… Hey what was I doing for the last 2 seconds?

I forget that our spells have changed.

I keep hitting Invisibility then waiting 5 seconds before breaking it to DPS again…

Doh! Lost DPS time!


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Early Christmas Present for Fikkle

Early Christmas Present for Fikkle.

What can a Gnome give Fikkle for Christmas.. how about the inspiration to write a story.

A long long time ago, in another galaxy far far away…

Hang on, that’s a different story.

Yeah, OK, ages ago, Sylus placed a call to harass Fikkle while he was away.  I was one of those that did, however my identity remained a secret for a long time.  In fact, I thought I had left enough hints in my initial contact with Fikkle, but I was surprised to hear on a TwisterNether podcast that he was unaware who the strange missives came from.

I have no record of those original missives, hopefully he does and can elaborate on his initial reaction to them.  I know he has been extremely busy with work and RaF, so I thought rather than wait for him to get the chance to write something, I would do a preemptive strike.

What he doesn’t know, is as I write this post (a couple of days before it is released), I returned to the server to remind him of his long forgotten obligations to an under appreciated employ.

What I will reveal today, is some (but not all) of what has occurred over the last couple of days. (more…)

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One of the easier PvP achievements is Duel-icious.  All you have to do is win a duel.

Easy, especially of you rig it!

So I put out the call and Tree Hugged Dave and a Priest mate signed up to roll over.

Once they arrived and we exited Ironforge (can’t duel inside?), I buffed THD (cause I am a nice Gnome). He buffed, himself and we went at it.

Hang ok, he’s fighting back! That’s not I’m the job description, he’s meant to just stand there and take it like the Night Elf he is! (more…)

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