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Early Christmas Present for Fikkle

Early Christmas Present for Fikkle.

What can a Gnome give Fikkle for Christmas.. how about the inspiration to write a story.

A long long time ago, in another galaxy far far away…

Hang on, that’s a different story.

Yeah, OK, ages ago, Sylus placed a call to harass Fikkle while he was away.  I was one of those that did, however my identity remained a secret for a long time.  In fact, I thought I had left enough hints in my initial contact with Fikkle, but I was surprised to hear on a TwisterNether podcast that he was unaware who the strange missives came from.

I have no record of those original missives, hopefully he does and can elaborate on his initial reaction to them.  I know he has been extremely busy with work and RaF, so I thought rather than wait for him to get the chance to write something, I would do a preemptive strike.

What he doesn’t know, is as I write this post (a couple of days before it is released), I returned to the server to remind him of his long forgotten obligations to an under appreciated employ.

What I will reveal today, is some (but not all) of what has occurred over the last couple of days. (more…)

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One of the easier PvP achievements is Duel-icious.  All you have to do is win a duel.

Easy, especially of you rig it!

So I put out the call and Tree Hugged Dave and a Priest mate signed up to roll over.

Once they arrived and we exited Ironforge (can’t duel inside?), I buffed THD (cause I am a nice Gnome). He buffed, himself and we went at it.

Hang ok, he’s fighting back! That’s not I’m the job description, he’s meant to just stand there and take it like the Night Elf he is! (more…)

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