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Am I human?

Am I human?

OK, so this one is a little silly.

I was going to join a website using my real Gnomish Name:

Things were going well, they even wanted to know where I lived…

But then things fell off the rails, and I decided not to join up… (more…)

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Hollow pleasure

Hollow pleasure

So I jumped on WoW last night because I just couldn’t sleep, the question was what to do.

Time Sink

I decided that I wanted to do my first post-patch PvP, but thought I would quickly go grab lolly jars from The Eastern Kingdoms.  I had 50% of them, so how long could it take.

Man, what’s time sink.  Sure, not hard work, see flight master, fly route, run to inn, grab candy, see flight master.  Rinse & repeat.

While on the back of one bird I started thinking how I should be more efficient, maybe go /love some critters while I was out and about in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Then it occurred to me I was blowing 1/2 hour, why make it an hour?

Anyway, one more achievement down. (more…)

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GoogledGnome #23

Escape artist pvp trinket macro

If I got a gold piece for every time I wished I had this macro I would be a very rich Gnome.

If I remember right, while it is possible to make a macro that looks like it should work, the reality is it will be broken. (more…)

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Pumpkin Head and Pumpkin Pet

Pumpkin Head and Pumpkin Pet

Unusually for me, I managed to experience a bit of an in-game event.

Yep, I ran a whole bunch of Hallows End events.

I would have liked to have done them on Friday night, but they didn’t become active until Saturday morning at 4am… not staying up for that I am afraid. Actually Friday was a complete drag… decided I didn’t want to run Kara for the 1000’th time, even if it can be 5 manned, thought I would work on my addons and maybe PvP for a bit… But I couldn’t get the battlemasters to talk to me… thought it was mods so went though a whole lot of stuffing around with them to read later that the battlegroup was down…

Anyway, Saturday night when I logged in and knocked back a run to MH & ZA, my mates got together to take down the Headless Horseman. (more…)

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What cheeses me off

What cheeses me off

There is one thing about patches that really cheeses me off.

  • It’s not that we get new content buffs or nerfs – that’s what the patch is about right?
  • It’s not that “our” mods are broken, what do you expect when the software that they interact with has been radically changed, and the addon developers are writing their mods in their spare time and releasing them to the public out of the goodness of their hearts.

No the thing that cheeses me off is the “9,990,000” ungrateful players of WoW. The ones that aren’t happy that things have changed. This is revealed in a few different forms.

  • Bring back classic WoW (soon to be augmented by the bring back TBC whingers.
  • The my mod is broken whingers.
  • The I want the old mod whingers.


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GoogledGnome #22

Enchant weapon – sunfire vs. Enchant weapon

I assume you aren’t talking about the stats, cause that’s easy.

  • Spellpower +40 to all spell damage schools
  • Sunfire +50 to fire only spells.

So you miss out on 10 damage for fire spells, but pick up 40 damage on the other schools (assuming you are a Mage, Arcane and Frost).

Cost wise (and expansion wise) spellpower is the better enchant. (more…)

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Hey Folks,

Any hair left on your heads (and no I am not talking about the mandatory trip to the ingame Barber)?

As would be expected with any WoW “patch” this size, addons are continuing to break and evolve as those breakages are being reported to the Addon authors, so…

Stick with it, chin up and all that stuff

Report the errors you see so that things can get fixed

OK, now more specifically to Auctioneer.

Error Reporting

One of the nice things about Auctioneer is it’s error reporting frame, which nicely captures errors which may (or may not be) related to Auctioneer. (more…)

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