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GoogledGnome #26

Fire Mage always die aoe

In AoE or while doing AoE?

In AoE
Well anyone silly enough to stand in AoE until dead will die! (more…)

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What a blast the invasion has been. I’m a big fan of the Zombie invasion.

For a predominantly PVE individual, i find it amusing that I’ve become a ZvP fan.

I was down in Redridge completing achievements when my taste for grey matter became unquenchable.  The scourge had started that day. I took out Lakeshire with some level 70s, not a npc or player was left standing…..time to take the infection to Ironforge.


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Greetings and salutations

Hi fellow readers of gnomer’s blog.

Just a quick post to say hello.

Gnomer introduced me to his blog one night whilst playing together on our Friday night Kara run. Since then I’ve become an avid reader and occasional commenter.

Unlike gnomer, a researcher and theory crafter, I learn predominantly by doing. So I must apologize in advance. I won’t be keeping up gnomer’s regular posting rate and the posts I do do, won’t be nearly as well grounded in the numbers behind the game. (more…)

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Or Dwarves, Elves, Space goats, Trolls, Taurens etc…

Generally I don’t mind the lack or shortage of mob models in the game, but I must admit I mind this.

So I get Zombified, cool, I am all for a bit of bone munching and infecting.

But why do I have to be a “human” Zombie (ok, so TV will do that to some humans).

Why can’t I be a Gnome Zombie. 2.5 feet of putrefying flesh bearing do on you may seem to be a joke until you realize you have an infected kneecap.

Come On Blizz, put the bite back into Gnomes!

Gnomer and Out!

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Done & Done

Done & Done

Introducing: Gnomeaggedon Jenkins

and while I am at it, a screen shot of the massive joy that was the AoE that took down the whelps… I can’t say I have ever seen a screen come so alive… and go so dead… (more…)

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GoogledGnome #25

Father of the gnome mages

You looking at me?

I deny everything! (more…)

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Are we having fun yet?

Hi Folks,

No this isn’t about the quest: Are we there yeti?, rather just wondering how people are feeling post-patch Echoes of Doom (EoD).

Gnomer and Out!

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Taurens are…

Taurens are…

Big, slow and kinda bovine.

Larisa will at the very least shake her head and utter.

I knew this would turn into a Druid blog

At worst she will KoS. (more…)

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Loot bags full of Sinister Squashlings

Loot bags full of Sinister Squashlings

Well, low chance random drop… this is my 2nd one!

In a loot bag?  Who would have thunk it?

Shame it was wasted on me, as you can only have one….

Let me walk you through it… (more…)

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Wolk and EoD Fire Mage Specs

WoLK and Echoes of Doom Fire Mage Specs

I wish I could personally tell you the best way to go, but to be honest, I have just created a dinky spec to pass the time before my return from India.. Fundamentally I took all the talents that I thought might be a bit of fun for a change.

The biggest issue I have is remembering to use them!  My fingers are still straying to the same old buttons…

Living Bomb… I got it… remember to use it… lol yeah right…

Anyway, in lieu of any advice I can offer, which would probably be dodgy anyway, I will offer you a link.

I have seen this come up a few times on other blogs, so had a look myself, and the link below is directly to raid Fire Mage Raid specs… but you can change it to whatever you want.

basically what you are getting here is the popular choices… correct, maybe not, but if weight of numbers can be counted for anything, these are the best specs.

Gnomer and Out!

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