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GoogledGnome #10

GoogledGnome #10

best toon for wolk?


‘Nuff Said!

Don’t believe me, then check out the Mage blogs that like to tell you the good and the bad. (more…)

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Life is Cheap #5: WSG PvP for PvE’rs

<< Life is Cheap #4: Your First Alterac Valley as PvE player

OK, so AB and AV have been covered previously. Time for pain – WSG.

You can enter WSG early, in your teens in fact. So if you are leveling a new toon, maybe a Lock, you can try this out early.

Warning, this is I’m many ways the hardest battleground to fight in and at early levels WSG will be overrun with Twinks – a world of pain for the undergeared and inexperienced. (more…)

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