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Clayton’s Post #7

Clayton’s Post #7

A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

Scratching together stuff I have seen during the week… purely for Larisa’s benefit… why have a feedreader when you have a Gnome?

But… here’s the thing Larisa, this week I have decided to take a different tack, I am going to provide my readers with a collection of worthwhile posts that you have at your fingertips, and most likely on your hard drive.

A tribute post

Yes, rather than trawling the Twisted Nether for a miscellany of posts, I am going to trawl the smoke blackened corners of the Pink Pigtail Inn and highlight those posts (past and present) that drew me to blogs (and blogging) in the first instance, and continue to provide a bar that I struggle daily to reach, let along clear. (more…)

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Shared Topic: What I Will be Doing…

From Twisted Nether comes this weeks topic of the week, all about your first few days in WoLK:

Many folks (including myself) already have an idea in our heads about what we will be doing in the first day or three after Wrath hits. I thought it might be interesting to have folks put it down “on paper” as it were. That way we could reference back to it when writing the inevitable “my first day/ weekend/ week” in Northrend posts.

Might be interesting to see how close or far off we really ended up being. Kind of like a time capsule of expectations we could go back and poke through later. Not to mention it will end up covering ideas for 3 or more posts: what I think now, what really happened, and comparing the two.

I have a quicky.

If the release is after November 13th:

If it’s before 13th November.

I will be sulking!

Why? Because I am not going to buy the expansion then get on a plane and leave my PC for 2 months.

Gnomer and Out!

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Eating Toast and Drinking Coffee

Owwww… what did I do to deserve this?

I’ve been tagged by altoholicmom in the latest next big thing to hit the WoW Blogsphere, the Meme, in this case started by The Game Dame.

Where were you when…
(I haven’t actually read anyone’s Meme’s yet.. book marked them for when I have time… ohh well, here we go)

OK, at this point, I need to point out that I have lost a few years of memory… I will very badly paraphrase Cheech, or was it Chong.  He was asked something like, “What did you think of the 80’s?”

His response was something along the lines of… (I did look for it, but I am strapped for time… and I could spend weeks looking through Cheech & Chong quotes)

The 80’s….
Last thing I remember was collapsing on the floor new years eve 1980.
The next thing I remember is waking up in the 90’s


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Is this still valid?

I was digging through one of my old WoW related folder son my PC today, and found this old gem.

Then I read BBB‘s post about Pallies raining on his parade, or post as the case may be.. and I just wondered whether there was a percentage of Pallies that still play this way…

Love to credit it, but I found it a long time ago.. Pre-BC, and from memory it wasn’t credited when I found it.

Damn, I just realised that one of my best referrers is a Pally Blog…. there goes the ranking.

Gnomer and Out!

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The other Day Matticus was talking about the Five forms of failure.

Today at work I am searching for Failures (which is where the inspiration for this Excel filter came from).

How do you Filter your failures?

Speaking of Failures, Altoholicmom tagged me for the Meme, so look forward to my Epic Failure tomorrow.

Gnomer and Out!

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My 3 foot Gnome Mage can now stand tall

My 3 foot Gnome Mage can now stand tall


  • Burning Crusade has been around how long?
  • Gnomeaggedon has been level 70 for how long?
  • Wrath of the Lich King (and the “gear reset”) is how far away?

What did I pick up Tuesday night?

I guess I have been level 70 for around 18 months.. maybe a few months less, but I can’t be bothered counting. (more…)

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An Interlude…

An Interlude…

Ohhh what day is it… Mmmm Thursday….

What do I post on Thursday… Ohh Warlock Twink stuff….

What didn’t I post this Thursday… Ohh Warlock Twink stuff….

Yeah, well, didn’t get around to the Talents post, although it isn’t far off.

Sit back and smell the brimstone

However, this feels like a nice moment for an interlude, to sit back and smell the fire & brimstone. (more…)

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Gnomerorigins #1

In the vein of TooManyAnnas Friday 5 (just 2 weeks behind) but truly inspired by Mr 50 post Krizzybear, here is a moment or two in the previously unconsidered life of Gnomeaggedon

From where does Gnomeaggedon gain his name?

My parents (unmarried – outrageous I know – at the time of the pregnancy) had little choice in my name. The pregnancy, and my birth was considered an ill omen… then came the fall of Gnomergan. My grand parents while arguing over my still pink and squishy new born body exclaimed that I had brought the end of the world on the Gnomes, I was the Gnomeaggedon! (more…)

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Enemy Just OK name Gnomeaggedon get Flags back one BG

OK, I will not go to Wordle.net and do a Wordle..

I wont…

maybe I have… (more…)

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Life is Cheap #3: The First Battle Grounds as PvE player

Larisa wrote a wonderful post on how she overcame her phobia of Battlegrounds, How I overcame my phobia about battlegrounds (BGs), and took it from a raving fear of BGs to a calm acceptance and confidence in battle.

I was reminded vividly of my initial fear (and a bit of hatred) of BGs, with maybe the exception of Alterac Valley (AV), which is a bit more like PvE, but filled with “nasty gankers”. It opened that part of my brain that holds the memories of 1st time noob experiences, and how I became comfortable with the BGs (one by one, each one held new an unrealistic fear for me). It can be particularly daunting when your 1st PvP experience is at level 70, so I will be writing from that perspective.

I will progress through the BGs, starting not with AV (which I think tends to be a PvPphobiac’s 1st battle) but with Arathi Basin (AB), then I will progress through the others.

The tips I will share with you aren’t high end PvP tips, rather they are ways of slowly overcoming your fear of BGs, so that by the 3rd time you visit, you will be prepared to run around like a headless maniac (which is what you will become) like the rest of your PuG (Pick-up group) BG team. (more…)

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