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Pirates day celebrations in WoW


I mentioned earlier today that it ws pirates day.. well you might want to get down to booty bay…

1 day event!

Check out Blizzards site for details!

Gnomer and Out!

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So after my post about slowing down I have been posting as much as usual, until yesterday.

No post yesterday. Yes I read a few blogs, made a few comments, but otherwise nothing.

It was hard, but refreshing.

Likewise of has been nearly 4 weeks out of game which has definitely changed or maybe reinforced my perspective on WoW.

I have played 3 times immediately the last weeks, to be honest, but a different grind than Kara.

That’s raised a few things for me, the first I will show you today, and the others… Well I will leave you with a question which will be the foundation of a future post.


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Arrrrgggghhhh me hearties!

International Pirate day!

Gnomer and Out!

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