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Enemy Just OK name Gnomeaggedon get Flags back one BG

OK, I will not go to Wordle.net and do a Wordle..

I wont…

maybe I have… (more…)

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Life is Cheap #3: The First Battle Grounds as PvE player

Larisa wrote a wonderful post on how she overcame her phobia of Battlegrounds, How I overcame my phobia about battlegrounds (BGs), and took it from a raving fear of BGs to a calm acceptance and confidence in battle.

I was reminded vividly of my initial fear (and a bit of hatred) of BGs, with maybe the exception of Alterac Valley (AV), which is a bit more like PvE, but filled with “nasty gankers”. It opened that part of my brain that holds the memories of 1st time noob experiences, and how I became comfortable with the BGs (one by one, each one held new an unrealistic fear for me). It can be particularly daunting when your 1st PvP experience is at level 70, so I will be writing from that perspective.

I will progress through the BGs, starting not with AV (which I think tends to be a PvPphobiac’s 1st battle) but with Arathi Basin (AB), then I will progress through the others.

The tips I will share with you aren’t high end PvP tips, rather they are ways of slowly overcoming your fear of BGs, so that by the 3rd time you visit, you will be prepared to run around like a headless maniac (which is what you will become) like the rest of your PuG (Pick-up group) BG team. (more…)

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