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Novelty Glyphs

Novelty Glyphs
Glyph Interface from the Hunters Mark WoLK screenshots

Glyph Interface from the Hunter's Mark WoLK screenshots

I guess one thing that inspires me about the coming glyphs in WoLK, is the flexibility that this will give Blizzard to give us minor tweaks to things, even if they are cosmetic. Most likely they will need to increase the number of minor glyphs that are usable to satisfy my desires, but at least they have given me 2 slots to begin with.

So if I could add some novelty glyphs into the game, what would I add? (more…)

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Spirit of Lokholar

So I dropped into Alterac Valley last night for something to do and bumped into an old foe that I haven’t seen in a very long time.


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Stitch in Time

Inspired by Magenomics, I have been scratching my head for ideas on Mage improvements for WoLK, this is what I came up with.

A New Mage Spell: Stitch in Time.

Inspired by Aeonus from Black Morass

Rank 1


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Spooncraft brings these screenshots of the Flying carpet to my attention & a video as well…

Hope you tailors enjoy them!

Gnomer and out!

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Looking for good time Kara

Well there is some good news… No PCBH (Post Curator Black Hole) this week!

I can hardly believe it, but it is true.

We even got Prince down, and the rogue got his T4 Helm that he has been dreaming about since we entered Kara (which feels like a long time ago – which it was)

Ranged position for Prince as described by Fireball Spam

Ranged position for Prince as described by Fireball Spam

So, it must have been a good run right?


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Clayton’s Post #4

Clayton’s Post #4
A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

Scratching together stuff I have seen during the week… purely for Larisa’s benefit… why have a feedreader when you have a Gnome? (more…)

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Polymorph Poll: The results are in…

Polymorph Poll: The results are in…

Thanks to everyone (all 49 of you) that voted in my 1st ever Poll.

The results are in, have been independently verified and the winner is… drum roll please… (more…)

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So I had a quick play with Rawr the other day.

I am not 100% sure I like it, but it gave me another source of gear comparison.

I probably gimped it a fair bit by reducing my potential upgrades (fundamentally to zip, cause I am not doing any serious raiding), but my biggest problem was it came back with great options for both my Trash +damage set and my +Spell Hit set… issue is, it was saying use the same gear, just regemmed…  I don’t really want to create extra Spellstrike etc sets…

Anyway, the best way for me to upgrade my gear was quite simply to regem to Epic gems.

Sure no worries, so I just need 12 shiny new Epic gems at either 15 badges or 300 gold each.

I have decided against using the gems, as there are 2 badge upgrades I could get, so that comes down to cold hard cash.

Should I spend 3,600 gold regemming my gear?

I will let you decide… poll is over there >>

Gnomer and Out!

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Real Mages don’t need mounts

Real Mages don’t need mounts and other mount improvement ideas

I like mounts as an expression of my “individuality”. Some people collect pets (combat or otherwise), some people need the right clothing combinations. Me, I need the right mount.

I hope with WoLK, we can not just cut and colour our hair, but can make appropriate modifications to our mounts, racing stripes, spray paint, spots whatever takes your fancy. (more…)

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Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 4. Enchanting your Twink

<< Part 3. Twink “Epic” gear

Part 4 of the twinking guide deals with enchants. I am going to list out those that are available for your gear, and let you decide which you want/can afford or can source.

Before I go any further, have you checked out Gun Loving Dwarf Chick‘s blog entry: Leveling With Style. It’s all about enchanting white items to increase your early leveling survivability, with the added advantage that you can trade the items between characters – that’s right, they aren’t soulbound! (more…)

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