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Ask da Nome a Kwestion

Yay!  My first email question!

This is from Matt:

I just started playing WOW a few months ago.

I rolled a Gnome mage (fire spec) immediately.  Honestly, I love it, but I am getting a little concerned about the supposed “nerfing” of mages and that it’s not getting any better in WOLK.

Currently my Gnome mage is level 62 and should be 70 soon.

Here’s my question:  is all the “hype” I hear about Warlocks getting more powerful and Mages getting more “nerfed” accurate?

I’ve started a gnome-warlock as a back-up, but prefer my mage.

Thanks for the great blog and any advice/suggestions.

So let’s take this step by step:

I just started playing WOW a few months ago.
I rolled a Gnome mage (fire spec) immediately.

Excellent choice on all 3 counts.  Gnome + Mage + Fire = Awesome! (more…)

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Thanks a ton!

Thanks a ton!

In cricketing terms, I just knocked up a ton.

In non cricketing terms, this is post 100, which blows me away.

Must say I have been loving it and the folk that I have met over the last 100 posts.  I received my 1st email request for help today, which I will get to very soon.

I even received my 3rd mention on Twisted Nether this week in as many weeks (although this one is a bit more obscure, and you will have to wait to see how it pans out).

I will continue to bring you reading with big balls of fire, although I will ‘fess up that as Zupa has eluded to, I am going to play around with some big balls of snow leading up to WoLK. (more…)

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