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I asked your opinion on whether I should upgrade all my gems to Epic Gems in the post Should I save the cash, or blow the mobs away?

Well the poll results are in, and it looks like I am saving the cash for retirement, or WoLK, whichever comes 1st. (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #4

Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

Ohhh good try Larisa, you nearly had me hypnotized then with your bout of concentrating… Imagine a flighty Fire Mage like myself sucked into listening carefully to a hyper intelligent pigtail wearing smarty pants “school girl”.

Luckily for me, I have a bit of protection up my tree.  Sure you can burn points in Improved Arcane Missiles to prevent interruption (maybe there is nothing better to waste them on), and sure you can get some super quick Arcane Blasts out once you wind up – at an insane cost in Mana… but ohhh you spec’d for Mana.. what an intelligent thing to do!

And for all your talk of low threat Arcane talented spells, I think you forgot that us Fire Mages get to kill a couple of birds with one stone (Or was that Harpies with 2 talent points) (more…)

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