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A couple of things…

1st up, I logged in this morning to find this welcoming sight… It has been a while since I saw this, and just had to share it.  That’s my stockbroker there in the picture… just as in Australian toothpaste commercials, he can’t show his face…


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Novelty Glyphs

Novelty Glyphs
Glyph Interface from the Hunters Mark WoLK screenshots

Glyph Interface from the Hunter's Mark WoLK screenshots

I guess one thing that inspires me about the coming glyphs in WoLK, is the flexibility that this will give Blizzard to give us minor tweaks to things, even if they are cosmetic. Most likely they will need to increase the number of minor glyphs that are usable to satisfy my desires, but at least they have given me 2 slots to begin with.

So if I could add some novelty glyphs into the game, what would I add? (more…)

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