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What I learned from last weeks WWS report

I was just having a look at last weeks WWS, and I noted something interesting… to me anyway.

#1 DPS… sorry my big Rogue friend.. although next week it is likely to be the reverse, and at lesss that 1% difference each week.. who cares.
#10/13 on Damage in – but then the presence of the other 3 varied from 17% to 53%, so in reality I took the least damage.
#12/13 on Heals, once again bottom of the list…

So what can we deduce from this.
1. I put out a metric truckload of damage.
2. I die before I can get heals, and the amount of HP I have mean I don’t even trouble the incoming damage on the meters

(Actually, I had about the average number of deaths, and less that half of new priest, and “Dave the Tree Hugger” had half as many deaths again as me…. mmmm 2 more reasons I was low on the incoming heals…. Must look after those healing types)

Ohhh.. in other news, the price on turtles is dropping on our realm…

Gnomer & Out!

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Nope, this isn’t the next cast in the Mage battle… but it might as well be.

Just spied over at WoW Insider.

Nuff Said!

Gnomer and Out!

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How to: AFK in Raids

How to: AFK in Raids: a noob’s guide to collecting badges

It’s easy to AFK in Battlegrounds, and we all know how, right?
I mean I see enough of it myself, and certainly read enough about it on the blogs.

Everyone loves and AFKer right?

Anyhow, AFKing in a Raid is an Art, requiring special skills and abilities.  It isn’t open to all classes.

  • If you are a tank class, you might as well stop reading.
  • The sole healer? This strategy probably isn’t for you either.

For the rest of you, the DPS classes, primarily the ranged DPS classes, this is a guide on how to rack up the badges and phat loot by AFKing in Raids.

It works for Honor, so why not for badges? (more…)

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