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Ok this started off in my mind as a response to a few PvP/BG posts going around about how to win/not loose BG’s, and the primary message coming out was about communications.

So I am going to start this off today with a couple of tips, and finish up tomorrow on a mod that I find useful for knocking out BG warnings etc on the fly (for those times when you already have 9 fingers on the keyboard, and you only have one more to issue the warning).

I guess my fundamental thought is, if you are loosing, and not doing any communication yourself, then for all intents and purposes you are the reason the team is loosing… (more…)

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My Friday kara run…

Friday 4th started like so many others of recent times.  The core of my group online, and scratching ourheads as what to do.  We knew that we were missing one of our regulars, thus we were down to 6 bodies.  Was it worth trying to scratch together 4 puggers?  Were we better off heading our separate ways?  Was the Friday night “fun run” going to be full of the usual dramas and criticisms, that have been hitting us week after pugging week? (more…)

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Pre-WoLK Currency

OK, so my post on When is enough, enough? got me wondering.
If our gear is going to be redundant 1 hour after the release of WoLK, then where is the future value of “stock” that can be squirrelled away waiting for the release. (more…)

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Ever wondered how much your toon is worth?
No I don’t mean on Ebay, I mean if you could clear your bags right now, on the AH, at the vendor etc, and add it to the gold already in your bag, how much would you be worth? (more…)

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When is enough, enough?

Gear that is!

WoLK is approaching and our hard earned level 70 epics will soon be worth nothing bu the price of a shard, or small vendor change.

Arguments are erupting across the Blogsphere over “welfare epics”, whether PvE via badges or PvP via honor.

Is it worth running Kara week in week out, hitting every daily heroic to pickup the badges to buy the gear to run the raids that had the gear that isn’t as good as the gear you just bought with your badges? (more…)

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Gnome Googles on: Talented

  • Play a hybrid and find yourself constantly need to respec?
  • Play a tank or healer and need to respec to grind?
  • PvE one moment, PvP the next?
  • Just experimenting?

Let’s face it, changing talent specs is a pain in the talent trainer Thinking & Clicking… Thinking & Clicking… damn wrong talent… unlearn, pay up the gold, start again… Thinking & Clicking…

So what if there was a way you could plan out your spec on your favorite talent calculator, import the spec into the game, save it for later use and then One-Click apply the spec while you run off and make that pot of coffee for the long night ahead? (more…)

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Power levelling Enchanting?
Read all the guides and ready to stand on the bridge @ Ironforge and spam “Free enchants ith mats”?

Well here are two (sort of one, but I will call it 2) random tips on a couple of spots in the powerlevelling chain. (more…)

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10 WoW Memories

My memory is like a sieve, it is like… damn I can’t remember what I was going to write… Just call me Goldfish the Gnome.

So I have been thinking about the BA topic on Top 10 WoW memories, as most of the community has written about over the last couple of weeks.  I have really been struggling to think of them, so these may not be my top 10, just something (anything) I can remember, in no particular order… (more…)

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Thank you Larisa, thank you Matticus.

My mage was born to write this post.

Larisa and Matticus have both written on the subject of what you would do if Blizzard were shutting their doors and the WoW servers in 5 hours.

I am going to tackle this in 3 parts. (more…)

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