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I’m a Hoarding Alliance.

No, I spelt it right, I hoard, not Horde.

I am not like some that hoard their 1st drop, or T1 gear (not that I ever got that), or collect pets (I do have my 1st mount and 1st non-combat pet etc).

No, that isn’t the sort of hoarding that is starting to bug me. I have enchanting mats, quest items, quests and “maybe-one-day gear”. (more…)

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Hi folks, it’s that time again… Blog Azeroth topic of the week “What you need to know about [insert class here], in my case, I will be telling you about things from the perspective of my little Fire Mage.

Crowd Control.

As a fire mage I only have a few tricks up my overly generous sleeves.

Frost Nova - I can trap quite a few mobs for 8 seconds.

Blasts enemies near the caster for 99 to 111 Frost damage and freezes them in place for up to 8 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.

  • 1st thing to note, 8 seconds isn’t a hell of a long time, and I have probably pissed a few of them off as well.
  • 2nd thing, it is likely to break, releasing all the mobs if you get a lucky crit.
  • If I frost nova in the vicinity of shackles etc, I will break them… sorry we are working towards the same end, I am just trying to keep the healers alive for another 8 seconds… please reshackle, sheep etc.
  • Generally I am only dropping this to protect someone, probably the healers so:
  1. Healers, move away from the mobs melee attacks if they are still hitting you, they wont follow.. well immediately anyway.
  2. Everyone else, either focus on the original target, or give the tank, shacklers etc a chance to get their mob(s) back under control (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #2


OK, I’m still nursing my wounds from Zupa‘s Ice Shards, sneaky frost wielding undead guy, jumping a tier… I didn’t see that coming!

So I am going to step back to full range, and start with Larisa‘s Arcance Subtlety.

To be honest with my 10/48/3 (or Arcane 10, Fire 48, Frost 3 who haven’t caught up with the shorthand) Classic Fire Raiding Spec I am done with Frost. There is another Fire Raiding Spec out there, commonly referred to as the Icy Veins Spec (2/48/11). The thing with this spec is it really doesn’t come into play until you are over 1,100 + damage. OK, so I am, but I’m old (ok maybe not that old), and have stuck with the Classic spec. Remember you can always compare standard Spec’s at Theorycraft-o-Matic by Lhivera.

However I am just beginning with Arcane. (more…)

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<< Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 1. Introduction

This part of the guide is about the “path” you character will take to get to level 19. It includes the occasional stop at an instance, as well as some early traveling to allow you to gather flight paths for later quick xp-free traveling. (more…)

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  • Thinking of Twinking a level 19 Warlock?
  • Can’t be bothered leveling another toon to 70 with WoLK around the corner?
  • Can’t remember the challenges of a low level toon?
  • Want the challenge of limited toon abilities supported by (your) awesome skill and top notch gear?

Well this is the guide for you! (more…)

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Post Curator Black Hole

I have discovered this black hole after the Curator in Kara, and I am wondering whether to report it to Blizzard.


  • Raid one-shots Curator.
  • Divides loots
  • Moves on to next trash.
  • Mmmm player X (and maybe Y) have disconnected.
  • Let’s give them 5 minutes
  • OK 5 minutes have passed, lets clear some more trash and give them another 5 minutes.
  • OK, let’s start LFM, but keep them in the raid until we do – because they might sort out their technical difficulties.
  • Mmm looks like the black hole has struck again! (more…)

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Claytons Post #1

A Claytons Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

I noticed a few things of interest while I was trawling the Twisted Nether Wiki the other day.

  1. Episode 8- A Bird in the Nether is up.
  2. I found some interesting resources I had never seen before on the Twisted Nether Resources page. (more…)

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Well I have been seeing everyone else writing about them, but didn’t have anything to write myself, well until today.

Last night, after joining BA chat for the first time, and realizing I had never seen Leafy‘s site, I went and had a gander. There was a post there about a fishing book (Weather-beaten Journal) that allows you to track fish. I had never heard about it, and really haven’t been interested in leveling my fishing on Gnomeaggedon. But I am a little nutty and decided I wanted the book. (more…)

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or.. When I grow up I want to be a….

Human: Why would I play a fantasy game and want to be a human – that’s not fantasy, that’s real life! Anyway the male humans run “funny”. (more…)

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Why do We (me) WoW?

BA topic de jour, a great question for many reasons and worth taking a step back and considering – it may keep you sane….

Why I play at all…

Back when I was young, it was practically socially acceptable (here in Oz anyway) to (binge) drink and drive – even if not legally acceptable.

Times have changed and “all my friends are getting married, yeah they’re all growing old. They all staying home on the weekends, they’re all doing what their told….(more…)

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